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Keeping You Healthy, Active & Pain Free


Here at Quantum Body Optimization, we do things differently. Being human is complicated but healing doesn’t always have to be. Our bodies are incredibly intelligent & obtain their own innate ability to heal themselves. Here, we take into consideration all aspects of being human, how they contribute to your pain, performance and healing journey. We look at the physical, structural, emotional and chemical insults that can occur and by identifying these roadblocks, we can remove them so that your body can restore balance and heal itself as it was naturally designed to do. 

Healing happens much like an onion, in layers. To get to the root cause & eliminate pain & dis-ease, you must peel back the layers one at a time. Within each layer is a physical, chemical & emotional component that must be addressed in order for the layer to be released. Some layers release faster than others but with the amazing tool of Applied Kinesiology & muscle testing, each component and layer can be identified, addressed & corrected quicker with more efficiency. This leads to incredibly individualized treatments & plans to restore health & get you back to doing what you love faster!

Healing is also a team effort. I am here to empower you, to guide you & support you, with all the tools you need to take your health into your own hands. Your visits here will be unlike any you have experienced before, as we use your body to guide us via manual muscle testing & other modalities, which makes you much more involved in our own pain and performance optimization journey, giving you a much greater understanding of how your body and health are affected & how you can help return your body back into balance. We are here to empower YOU, by providing you with the tools you need to thrive! 

What Makes Quantum Body Optimization Different?


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What to expect:
Quantum Approach

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Discovery Consultation






The complementary discovery consultation is provided as the patient / physician relationship is incredibly important for the healing process. This is an opportunity for us to discover if we are a good match to navigate this journey together & if we can provide you with what you need for healing. This is a team effort so its important that we are on these same page and our goals align. This also gives you a small window to see what to expect when working with us and what is expected of you. No medical advice will be given during this appointment.

Initial Consultation

Your 1st



This is the first step in the process of your healing journey. We as to start the process, you complete an in-depth comprehensive health history questionnaire and description of your current complaint(s) and symptoms. This is very thorough but the more detail provided now the more we get out of our time together.

This is followed by an in-depth medical consultation and physical examination unlike anything 

you've experienced before.  During your initial appointment baseline treatment recommendations

my be provided and most likely further investigation with basic or advance blood work or imaging if necessary.

Please bring all current medications, supplements, any recent lab work & imaging.

Magnified Grass


Report of Findings

Follow up


Accumulation is the action of taking all aspects of being human, what makes you tick and thrive, along with all the information gathered from your initial consultation and any further investigations needed. Once we have gathered all the pertinent information required to make a personalized treatment plan, you will receive a comprehensive plan full of action steps to move forward to get you out of pain, optimize your performance and ultimately your life. This plan may include but is not limited to: diet and lifestyle recommendations, movement or exercise, nutritional supplementation, body work (applied kinesiology, acupuncture, cupping therapy, gu sha), Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) and more.



45 mins

Elimination is a team effort. After receiving your personalized treatment plan, it is up to you to do the work, follow the recommendations & make the necessary changes that impact your health and healing process.  I am here to facilitate your healing, identify the obstacles to healing & what the body needs to heal, but it is on you to fully participate in this journey. This is a process and while we can make big shifts quickly, true healing takes time. Humans are like onions, we have to peel back the layers to get to the root cause.


During these appointments multiple modalities will be used along with the at home

recommendations implemented by you to speed the process. This is fluid, as modalities and plans might change as your pain & healing changes, so nothing is set in stone & there are many way in which we can navigate the healing process and pivot as needed.

Magnified Grass


Quantum Body


Now that we have focused on the way you eat, think, move, sit, stand, walk etc. We aim to focus on getting muscles firing, strength back, and balance restored.

Regeneration comes in to help aid tissues at a deeper level. Quantum Body therapies are natural, safe and effective methods at helping the bodies tissues actually regenerate, strengthen, tighten and nourish, to truly heal the root cause of injured tissues. This process uses your own bodies innate ability to heal itself, properly laying down the foundation the tissues need to truly heal.

Thrive Optimally


20-45 mins

You've done it! This is ultimately the end goal, where you are living optimally and continuing to do all the things you love in your active life. The goal is empower you to keep moving forward with all the knowledge and skills you've gained along this journey to get the most out of your active life. 


You're doing amazing! Keep it up!

We are always here for you to tune up, stay ahead of injury and pain before it gets too far and impends your active life or henders your performance. 



schedule your Complementary Discovery Consultation Here Or Call 520 - 815 - 0743

Quantum Body Optimization aims to treat the whole person addressing physical, chemical & emotional aspects to health & healing. Specializing in pain, sports medicine & performance optimization with one to one individualized care. 

In person only.

Quantum Health provides online group coaching programs that empower you on your health journey providing education, actionable steps & community of like minded people who are taking their health into their own hands! Become empowered in health by eliminating inflammation, decreasing pain & ultimately optimizing your life!


This program is great for those both local & non local to AZ.

The greatest medicine of all is to teach people not to need it!
- Hippocrates - 


Meet The Doc

Dr. Whitney Donohue

Naturopathic Doctor

Professional Applied Kinesiologist

& Lifestyle Medicine Expert

Dr. Whitney is a Licensed Naturopathic Physician in Scottsdale, Arizona who specializes in pain, and aims to eliminate it, not just manage it. Dr. Whitney grew up in the mountains of Colorado, always active in the outdoors and also an athlete, playing multiple sports (volleyball & basketball) year around and traveling all over the state for competitive events. With her love of sports and drive to always perform her best, it was often at the expense of her body. She found herself “living” in the training room, constantly rehabbing injuries or training to prevent them. She was obsessed with the body and its ability to perform, recover and push forward despite injury. She was always helping other teammates rehab and excessively picking the brains of the athletic trainers. With her great drive for competition, she never took any time off, causing her injuries to compile to the point that they not only affected her athletic performance but also plagued her daily life, preventing her from doing simple daily activities. This was her first experience of living with chronic pain, only the sacrifice for competition made it worth it, so she thought!


This love for anatomy and physiology carried over in to her education as she perused a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from California State University San Marcos. After working as nutrition coach and personal trainer she was always striving to learn more and optimize her own health and fitness. Following a severe back injury, her life came to a screeching halt. She watched painfully as all the races and competitive events she continued to pursue, fade away, as the months lead to years with no relief from pain. The pain from her injury was not only physically debilitating, but mentally and spiritually debilitating as well and she was desperate for relief.


Dr. Whitney set out on a journey she never expected. Her pain journey sent her into the world of natural medicine and she has never looked back. Still in her healing journey, she pursued her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ. Through her medical school journey, she was introduced to amazing doctors and new modalities, which lead her to finally become pain free and get back to her healthy and active life. In her own pursuit for healing, Dr. Whitney spent most of her weekends at seminars and conferences, personally learning the techniques that helped her heal, as she knew she needed to learn them, to help others heal in the same way. Dr. Whitney has a great passion and respect for the human body and its ability to heal itself. She has a deep understanding in the process it takes to become pain free and continues to be in the pursuit of learning techniques to help others get out of pain faster and get back to doing what they love!

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