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Nutrition Optimization


The food you eat can be either the safest & most POWERFUL form of medicine


the slowest form of POISON

- Ann Wigmore -

Nutrition is the foundation to health. It has the greatest impact on your health overall & moves the needle the farthest when it comes to aiding your pain & optimizing your performance & recovery. We deep dive into nutrition, examine how it not only affects your pain & performance but all the other aspects of your life, aiming to optimize your nutrition to nourish your body, to meet your active life & health goals.

While I have a very strong passion for the paleo & ancestral lifestyle, I believe it all comes down to the individual, what you need and what your energy demands are depending on your activity level!




...with the exception that I do believe YOU should always eat REAL, WHOLE FOOD!!

And by real food I mean: lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds & healthy fats.

Things that come from the earth not a box, package or can!

The more real the food, the better your body knows how to utilize it and optimize it for your life! 

Nutrition is one of the most powerful tools we have so let's get this dialed in for YOU and YOUR needs, no one else’s! I’ll help you cut through all the nutritional nonsense and find what works best for you and your active life!

"The only way to deal with an unhealthy world, is to become so absolutely healthy that your very existence is an act of rebellion!"


- Reworded by Robb Wolf from Albert Camus -

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