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Neuro Emotional Technique

NET was developed by

Dr. Scott Walker, DC.

It is a mind-body technique that uses a method of finding and removing neurological imbalances related to physiology of unresolved stress patterns.

Let's break it down. Emotions are ingrained deeply into your physiology which means that they affect your entire body. When you feel stressed you often feel tension in your neck and shoulders or when you feel nervous, you feel sick to your stomach, or you have a nightmare and you wake up with your heart pounding. These are physiological effects of your emotions & indicate a mind - body connection.

Now let's talk about emotions. Emotions are our perception of the event that occurs.The emotional perception of an event may differ between two people who experience the same event. The memory of this event for both, may or may not correlate with the actual reality of what occurred, based on the individual’s perception of the world & personal life experience. This doesn't make what happened to either person any less significant, but again the memory is our personal perception at the time of the event. 


When we experience unpleasant events, we can normally process them and move on but often times they can leave behind a memory that connects an unresolved mind-body pattern. Regardless of whether the event is real or a perceived threat, the physiological response in our body remains the same. Meaning, as both the original event & memory of the event, elicit the same physiological response in our bodies, whenever the pattern is triggered.


NET allows us to find these emotions which are related to specific organs via the acupuncture meridians. NET can identify and neutralize the neurological imbalance related to the unresolved stressor. It's simple, quick and makes a huge impact on your health and healing!

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