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QMT 103: Respiratory Manipulation




Self Paced


About the Course

Respiratory Manipuation

Course Details:

  • Learn about the power of the breath & benefits of respiratory manipulation

  • Identify and correct spinal lesions

  • Restore balance to the nervous system, gently & efficiently.

  • Learn manipulation of the spinal, cranium, ribs & extremities.

Learn how to identify and correct spinal lesions with this low velocity but high effective technique that is safe and provides restoration to the nervous system. If high velocity manipulation is not a skill you enjoyed learning or something you find your patients cannot handle, this course if for you!

This is a practitioner’s course; Must have manipulation in your scope of practice.

** QMT 101 Course is required before taking your skills to the next level**

Your Instructor

Dr. Whitney Donohue, ND, PAK

Dr. Whitney Donohue, ND, PAK

Dr. Whitney Donohue, ND, PAK
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