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QMT 200: The Quantum Flow




16 hours


About the Course

The Quantum Flow

Combines all classes into one, learn the Flow from start to finish!

Course Details:

  • Understanding of Manual Muscle Testing research & misconceptions

  • Correct Manual Muscle Testing terminology

  • Learn how to perform a proper Manual Muscle Test

  • Testing for insulting factors

  • Localizing Spinal Subluxations

  • Respiration Manipulation Technique

  • Testing nutrients, herbs and homeopathics

  • Learn how to Implement the flow into your practice regardless you niche or speciality.

After completion of this course the practitioner will feel comfortable with manual muscle testing concepts, performance of the manual muscle test and procedures for correcting structural concerns, identify insulting factors and testing of medicine.

Take your healthcare practice to the next level regardless of your niche or speciality with the powerful tool of Manual Muscle Testing!

Your Instructor

Dr. Whitney Donohue, ND, PAK

Dr. Whitney Donohue is a Naturopathic Physician & Professional Applied Kinesiologist in Scottsdale, AZ. Dr. Whitney uses Manual Muscle Testing in her private practice & has actively practiced Applied Kinesiology and Manual Muscle Testing since her 1st year of medical school, completing the International College of Applied Kinesiology 100-hour Certification Course, as well as multiple other Muscle Testing Modality Certifications.

The Manual Muscle Testing Basics material was originally developed by the late Donald Baker, ND, DC. Dr. Whitney has had the great honor of learning Dr. Baker's teachings from her mentor Dr. Rhonda Steinke, ND over the years & is incredibly passionate to continue the teachings, helping other practitioners up-level their client / patient evaluation tool box, achieving greater health outcomes for patients and ultimately taking their healthcare practice to the next level.

Her passion for Manual Muscle Testing and Applied Kinesiology has lead her to pursue multiple other certifications that use MMT as their main modality. In doing so Dr. Whitney has learned from multiple providers from all sides of medicine, giving her a background & perspective of the human body far beyond her naturopathic medical training. With the pursuit she has been able to further develop and streamline teachings to provide high quality trainings for practitioners regardless their niche or speciality.

Dr. Whitney Donohue, ND, PAK
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