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Dr. Whitney Here!

As a Naturopathic Doctor I cannot image practicing medicine without Applied Kinesiology and the tool of muscle testing.


Dr. Whitney Here!

As a Naturopathic Doctor I cannot image practicing medicine without Applied Kinesiology and the tool of muscle testing.


Dr. Whitney Donohue, ND, PAK

The body is incredibly dynamic and all systems are highly intertwined. When evaluating the body, we have to take into consideration all the factors that make us human, which are vital to healing, requiring us to address not only the physical body but the mental and spiritual bodies as well. The body is complex and because of this complexity the body heals in layers, similar to an onion. Muscle testing gives us the tools to determine which layer is ready to be healed and identify what the body needs, both by removing obstacles to healing and therapies that are needed for healing that specific layer.


Manual Muscle testing gives us a tool to navigate this more clearly, providing insight only the body can give us. This allows us to truly give the body what it needs to heal, nothing more, nothing less, regardless of the particular modalities or specialty in which you practice.


Dr. Baker, NMD, DC, defines muscle testing as "A system, involving testing of the nervous system, for evaluation & treatment of visceral, musculoskeletal, and emotional conditions."


Manual Muscle Testing (MMT) is a tool to help evaluate the structural, chemical and emotional insults on the body through the dynamics of the musculoskeletal system via the nervous system. MMT involves applying a stimulus to the body resulting in muscle adaption and is a powerful tool that provides information that is unattainable from any other modality.


Manual Muscle Testing is not a stand-alone evaluation. It is a tool to use along with other methods of evaluation such as an in-depth health history, physical exam, labs, imaging, medical knowledge, critical thinking and more, to help evaluate and determine physical, chemical and emotional insults that maybe impacting health and healing.



Quantum Muscle Testing

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Quantum Muscle Testing (QMT) is a series of manual muscle testing courses, which aim to educate and train practitioners from all fields of healthcare and wellness practices. These courses are applicable to any practitioner allowed physical touch within their scope of practice and/or serve as a precursor to other Applied Kinesiology courses.

The courses dive into the science behind manual muscle testing, teaching practitioners how to perform a proper manual muscle test, correct terminology, misconceptions and how manual muscle testing will change the way you approach patient/client evaluation and treatment.

QMT also aims to educate the general population on the benefits  of a practitioner who performs such techniques & how greatly it improves their health & healing outcomes.



There is a gap in healthcare, as there is a lack in communication directly with the physical body and muscle testing provides that communication. Quantum Muscle Testing’s mission is to fill the gap in which there is a true disconnect from treating the human body directly. Even with all the tools of assessment (labs, imaging, health history, physical exam, etc), we are still missing the procedure in which we can communicate directly with the body to determine the priority & true need of the body for healing, to develop truly personalized treatment plans and attain wildly successful patient / client outcomes. Manual Muscle Testing is this procedure that obtains information about the body you cannot get from any other procedures, taking health and healing to the next level.


QMT will provide a series of courses to educate the general public about muscle testing, its benefits to their health and why they should find a certified practitioner.  We also aim to inform and educate other healthcare and wellness providers about enhancing their evaluations, creating personalized treatment plans, increase patient outcomes and therefore increase practice growth by providing them a tool that will take their healthcare practice to the next level.


QMT provides basic and advanced courses both in-person and online. Varying degrees of protocols and education are available depending on the practitioner and how advanced they want to take their practice of muscle testing. By taking the courses online QMT plans to provide access to practitioners all over the country, providing convenience, cutting down time and travel time & expenses, while maintaining high quality trainings.

Man possesses a potential for recovery through the innate intelligence of the human structure. This recovery potential with which he is endowed merely awaits for your hand, your heart & your mind to bring it to potential being and allow the recovery to take place which is man's natural heritage. This benefits man, it benefits you and it benefits our profession. Do it. Do it with knowledge, do it with physiological facts, do with with predicable certainty.

do it because it has to be done.

- George J goodheart Jr. -

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Health Practitioners


There’s a gap in healthcare, lacking the communication directly with the physical body and manual muscle testing provides that communication along with all other appropriate healthcare assessments, giving you a deep insight to your patients and their path to healing.

Practitioners from all areas of medicine/healthcare would benefit from the tool of manual muscle testing. Advance your evaluation skills, gain deeper insight to what the body truly needs to heal & streamline your treatment plans to generate incredible shifts in healing, increase patient/client compliance, ultimately optimizing your patients health outcomes.


Health Provider Benefits


The Manual Muscle Testing Basics course covers the history, development and scientific rationale for muscle testing, how to properly perform a muscle test, implementation of the modality into your healthcare practice and the improvements in patient care, compliance and outcomes. Exponentially increase the success of your practice with the implementation of  this extremely powerful and diverse tool. No healthcare or wellness practitioner should practice without the basic knowledge and implementation of Manual Muscle Testing.

Manual Muscle Testing will not only change the way you evaluate, treat and practice but it will change the way you view everything about the human body & healing. 


There is a trend in healthcare, as practitioners recommend a laundry list of lifestyle changes, supplements and medicines, often overwhelming the patient with too many changes/tasks to take on & with increasingly high price points that often make it difficult for the patient to be compliant. Manual Muscle Testing provides a tool to ensure individualized treatments, streamlining recommendations & treatment plans to only what is needed at the time, to heal the specific layer that is ready to be healed and allows for the ability to re-evaluate as healing progresses.


This series of courses is for practitioners wanting a more in-depth connection of the body. Also great for those interested in treating the physical body without having to have the skills and training for high velocity physical manipulation or physical medicine practices.

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 There are many approaches when it comes to healing and a lot of modalities and medicines that can help but sometimes it takes time and work to discover which is best for the individual patient. Manual Muscle Testing allows us to cut down on this time, finding the priority the patient needs to heal and gives us a more precise direction when it comes to what the body truly needs to heal that specific priority. This provides the patient less, but a more potent treatment plan directed more precisely at what needs to be healed. Manual Muscle Testing allows you to evaluate at a deeper level, not only treating the physical body but mental & emotional body as well. Manual Muscle Testing provides the tool to Identify the structural, chemical and emotional insults that affect true health and healing, evaluating all aspects of the human form, to identify obstacles to healing & guide healing in the way the body needs most.

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Disclaimer: Dr. Whitney Donohue, ND is a licensed medical provider in the state of Arizona. This information is not to be substituted for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All of the content is for general purposes only. Quantum Naturopathic Pain & Body Optimization, Quantum Muscle Testing or Dr. Whitney Donohue, ND assume no responsibility for the accuracy of information available provided here. Quantum Muscle Testing and all of its emplyees encourage you to practice discernment with this information. Do not disregard medical advice or delay seeking medical attetntion because of something you have heard or read through these teachings.


Meet The Instructor

Dr. Whitney Donohue is a Naturopathic Physician & Professional Applied Kinesiologist in Scottsdale, AZ. Dr. Whitney uses Manual Muscle Testing in her private practice & has actively practiced Applied Kinesiology and Manual Muscle Testing since her 1st year of medical school, completing the International College of Applied Kinesiology 100-hour Certification Course, as well as multiple other Muscle Testing Modality Certifications.


The Manual Muscle Testing Basics material was originally developed by the late Donald Baker, ND, DC. Dr. Whitney has had the great honor of learning Dr. Baker's teachings from her mentor Dr. Rhonda Steinke, ND over the past 6 years & is incredibly passionate to continue the teachings, helping other practitioners up-level their client / patient evaluation tool box, achieving greater health outcomes for patients and ultimately taking their healthcare practice to the next level.


Her passion for Manual Muscle Testing and Applied Kinesiology has lead her to pursue multiple other certifications that use MMT as their main modality. In doing so Dr. Whitney has learned from multiple providers from all sides of medicine, giving her a background & perspective of the human body far beyond her naturopathic medical training. With the pursuit she has been able to farther develop and streamline teachings to provide high quality trainings for practitioners regardless their niche or speciality.

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