Injection Therapies


Neuralprolotherapy aims to treat the dysfunction of nerves. Using a diluted dextrose solution (5%), the nerves are nourished & reset, restoring normal firing of the nerves.

Especially with injury, nerves can be overstretched, overstimulated and entrapped in fascia and scar tissue becoming dysfunctional & cause pain. This pain is referred to as neuropathic pain.

This is a series of shallow injections along nerves to help restore their function and decrease pain quickly.


 Prolotherapy is performed with dextrose – a sugar solution- which acts as a natural irritant to the injured area stimulating the body to start healing itself with the body's natural inflammatory responses.


Prolo stimulates ligaments and tendons to heal, strengthen and tighten.


Great for stability of joints which decrease pain, improves function and prevents further damage of the joint!

Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is a therapy where your own blood is drawn, spun down and concentrated, so that all of the growth factors that are normally circulating in your blood can be collected and injected into the affected joint or injured tissues, to stimulate your body’s own innate healing.


PRP targets injured tissues directly with a concentrated amount of growth factors to stimulate and aid tissues (tendons, ligaments, meniscal tears etc) and cartilage repair (osteoarthritis)

Unique Approach to

Natural Injection Therapies

What makes your approach to injection therapy different?

First we examine the structure and function of the joint. With Applied Kinesiology we can test and ensure the physical structure of the joint integrity is corrected but also optimize the muscle function and tendons around the joint to farther ensure structure, stability and strength of the joint. We also focus on the way you walk, sit, lay, run & move in daily life, to optimize those movements and eliminate pain.

Multiple modalities are used each visit based on the specific need, to help "clear the fog", eliminating diffuse pain and identifying all pain generators involved. We also optimize your nutrition & supplements to help create the best healing environment in your body. This alone significantly decreases pain and improves performance but is also in preparation for any Natural Injection Therapies that may be necessary. We aim to lay the foundation and create the optimal healing environment within your body, so when it comes time for Injection Therapies your body has the greatest capacity to focus and heal the specific areas that need to be healed, so you get the best results for restoring tissue integrity & becoming pain free.

A number of different injection therapies are available. This allows for flexibility as your pain improves. We often find that once the foundation is laid and systemic inflammation is under control, that less is actually more. It's important we give your body what it needs to heal, no more and no less.

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