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Quantum Programs


Dr. Whitney has created multiple different programs in which people can work with her in an number of different capacities based on what your health goals are! Dr. Whitney's ability to reach people outside of her one on one practice is growing and she is excited to continue to bring options & education for you to best move through your health & healing journey!

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Quantum Naturopathic
Pain & Body Optimization

1:1 Established Patient Naturopathic Care


Quantum Body

Mind-body Programs

  • Financial Success

  • Relationship Success

  • Health Success


​Performance Optimization Program

Bulletproof Your Body

Online Group Coaching

12 Week Group Coaching Program

Bulletproof Body Membership

(Coming Soon)

Bulletproof Body Retreat

(Coming Soon)

Bulletproof Your Body.png


Quantum Muscle Testing Consulting

1:1 Practitioner Consulting

Quantum MMT Flow Course (In Person)

QMT Online Courses

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