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Steps to Eliminate Pain and Optimize Performance


Identify all the factors contributing to pain

or limiting your performance

Customize an individualized plan to your personal needs.

Identify how we can take your body to the next level and optimize your performance.


The process of "clearing the fog" to determine the root cause of pain or factors that may be holding you back from performing and living optimally.


Target the root cause of pain. Remove obstacles to healing or those impeding optimal performance and function.


Move it

Strengthen it

Inject it

The Greatest medicine of all is to teach people how not to need it - Hippocrates -

Unique Approach to Pain & Performance Optimization

What makes your approach to treating pain different?

We work with active people who make their healthy life their highest priority & are willing to take the steps needed to become pain free, remain active & optimize their life. Here we have a 3-step approach where we Accumulate, Eliminate & Regenerate!


Accumulate: We perform a very extensive exam, assessing the structural, chemical & emotional contributions to your pain & injury. With Applied Kinesiology we can examine the physical structure and function of movements to determine the pain generators. We aim to ensure the physical structure of the joint integrity is corrected but also optimize the muscle function and tendons around the joint and/or injured tissues. We also focus on the way you walk, move, sit, run & move in daily life, to optimize those movements & eliminate pain. This is important as the patterns you move in will continue to affect your body's tissues and can-do farther damage if not corrected. We also deep dive into all aspects that makes us human, as they all contribute to your pain & ability to heal. We examine the food you eat, your lifestyle, exercise, work, stress and daily routine, to determine the influences and makes shifts where necessary.


Eliminate: A personalized plan is created to move forward, which aligns with both your health goals & what we can offer to get you there. Here we focus on all the ways we can eliminateyour pain quickly, while considering all aspects of your life. Clearing the fog is important. As we eliminate all the obstacles to healing, we can determine the root cause or main generators of pain which we can then target and aim to eliminate.


Regenerate: Lastly, we regenerate! Not everyone needs this step and some will want to skip everything else for this. Natural Injection Therapies provide amazing benefits when it comes to healing the tissues, eliminating pain and optimizing the body. This comes last as we have to optimize your body’s ability to heal, so that when it comes time for injections, your body can focus its healing resources where it is needed. We work to build the foundation, priming the body to function at optimal level. This optimizes your body to get the best outcomes from your treatments & regenerate at the highest degree.


What do you mean when you say "optimize your body's ability to heal"?


Multiple modalities are used each visit based on the specific need to help "clear the fog", eliminating diffuse pain and identifying all pain generators involved. We also optimize your nutrition & supplements to help create the best healing environment in your body. This alone significantly decreases pain and improves performance but is also in preparation for any Natural Injection Therapies that may be necessary. We aim to lay the foundation and create the optimal healing environment within your body. Again this is vital when it comes time for Injection Therapies or other interventions, so your body has the greatest capacity to focus and heal the specific areas that need to be healed, so you get the best results for healing & becoming pain free.


What if I’m looking for a quick fix?


While we aim to get you out of pain as quickly as possible there are no quick fixes, no one hit wonder therapies & definitely no magic pills. Healing takes time and work. We cannot selectively choose how the body heals, all we can do is take away all the obstacles to healing & provide what it needs to thrive. We are here to educate you, empower you and provide all the healing tools you need but ultimately, it’s up to YOU to do the work.


Are you ready to make changes & put in the work it takes to not only become pain free but to optimize your performance and ultimately your life? If so, let’s get started!! If you’re not quite ready to take control of your health yet, we’ll be here for when you are!



You talk a lot about inflammation?

Yes! Inflammation is one of my favorite topics & it plays such a vital role in both our ability to heal but also becomes detrimental to our body when it becomes chronic. The example I use most is if you are constantly eating unhealthy inflammatory foods, sugar, etc. your body is spending all its resources on making sure you survive, protecting your vital organs, so it doesn't have time or energy to help heal your shoulder or your knee, which is also inflamed & hurting, but you can live without it, as its not a priority for survival. We have to decrease the chronic inflammation in our bodies to allow our body the capacity to heal & then it can focus on more specifics when called upon/stimulated.


Why are setting "healing goals" so important?

Setting goals are important for many reasons. We discuss in depth what your goals are and how I can help you attain those goals with all the tools & knowledge I have to offer. I'm here to guide you, empower & help you reach your health & healing goals.

Goals are also important because I want to get you out of pain as quickly as possible and get you back to doing what you love. I also think its important that our goals align, as I will support your active life, your performance and make sure that we are doing everything we can to keep you moving and active. Communication & understanding are key! This is a team effort! 

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