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Welcome to Quantum!

Here at Quantum, we do things differently. Being human is complicated but healing doesn’t always have to be. Our bodies are incredibly intelligent & obtain their own innate ability to heal themselves. Here, we take into consideration all aspects of being human, how they contribute to your pain, performance and healing journey. We look at the physical, structural, emotional and chemical insults that can occur and by identifying these roadblocks, we can remove them so that your body can restore balance and heal itself as it was naturally designed to do. 


Quantum Body Optimization

Quantum Body Optimization is a full service Naturopathic Medicine Clinic which aims to treat the whole person addressing physical, chemical & emotional aspects to health & healing. Specializing in pain, sports medicine & performance optimization with one to one individualized care. 

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Quantum Health

Quantum Health is online group coaching program that empowers you on your health journey providing education, actionable steps & community of like minded people who are taking their health into their own hands! Become empowered in health by eliminating inflammation, decreasing pain & ultimately optimizing your life!

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Quantum Muscle Testing

Quantum Muscle Testing (QMT) is a series of manual muscle testing courses, which aim to educate and train practitioners from all fields of healthcare and wellness practices. These courses are applicable to any practitioner allowed physical touch within their scope of practice.

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